Free Private Transactions (MEV Protection)

All the transactions are Private Transactions on Magnum! We send private transactions for you at no extra cost to give you immunity to the MEV bots. With Magnum you get your desired profit, not the MEV sandwich bots. We provide full MEV protection on ETH and SOL chains, and partial protection with private routers on BSC and AVAX.

Anti-Rugpull Protection

With Magnum, you can always opt for Anti-Rugpull protection when sniping, copytrading or just placing manual orders. If any token attempts a Rugpull scam and tries to remove liquidity, we make sure to execute your sell transactions just ahead of it. It is recommended to put in a generous Priority Tip (Bribe) for Anti-Rugpull transactions.

Secure Encryption for User Data

Your funds matter the most, so we make sure all the wallet data is tucked under a strong encryption layer. Along with that, the wallets are always shared with the users so they can export and use anywhere.

Web and Mobile apps

For the first time, Magnum introduces the Web and Mobile applications to create and manage your bots, buy/sell your tokens and manage your wallets. It takes the user experience to the next level for On-chain trading. Easy to operate and content-rich to track all the info - Magnum brings you the next evolution of sniping bots!

Better, Faster and more Efficient Bots

Magnum provides the most Gas-efficient routers and bot contracts so you save fees in this era of very high gas fees on ETH - where every gwei counts. Being efficient also gets Magnum an edge over other bots and users have a better chance at sniping and getting in early!

One-stop Solution

Magnum provides all the tools you need to earn with Crypto, including the bots, buy/sell interfaces, wallet management and other exciting functions. So once you join Magnum, never look elsewhere again, as everything is right here!

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