💲Revenue Sharing

Magnum Hold to Earn Program

At Magnum, we treat the MAG token holders as our key stake holders. Investors have trusted the product, and they deserve the dividend for their investment in us. Thus, they earn a part of Magnum's revenue from trade commissions.

Magnum distributes 25% of the Revenue Share to MAG token holders.

There are certain requirements to be eligible for the Revenue shares.

  • Holders must have at least 500 MAG in holding at the time of reward calculation.

  • Holders must hold the amount for the entire snapshot cycle, which is One week. Snapshot is taken on every Thursday at 12:00 UTC.

  • If someone buys the token in middle of the weekly cycle, their share will be calculated in the following cycle.

  • Minimum Claim amount to claim the accumulated revenue shares is 0.1 ETH.

  • If you do not reach the minimum threshold, your revenue share will keep getting accumulated and they never expire.

Get your share of MAG tokens today to earn the revenue share!

MAG token address: 0xb9d4b6dc1e1ee3577cc442de015cc11f238b35ed

Magnum Revenue Stats: https://magnum.trade/magnum-revenue-sharing.html

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