➕Create Sniper Bot

Magnum's Telegram Bot has a simple yet feature packed Sniper Bot creation and editing flow. To create a new Sniper,

  • Select Auto Sniper from the Main Menu and it will ask you to enter the Token Contract Address ( ca ) in the reply. You can also directly enter the Token Contract address in the input and it will create the Auto Sniper for you.

  • Magnum will fetch all the token details like Name, Network, Platform, Taxes, Honeypot info etc automatically once you enter the address. It will show you everything in the response.

    • Buy Sniping : In the same step, it will ask you for the amount in ETH you want to snipe the token with. You can enter an amount or select from the preset buttons.

    • Sell Sniping : If you have purchased tokens in Presale and want to sell full or partial amount as soon as it launches, tap 'Sell' button on the menu and it will ask you for the % of tokens you want to sell. You can also select from the preset buttons.

  • Once you select the Snipe Type and enter the amount, next it will ask for the Tip ( Bribe ). You have to enter a reasonably large value to ensure your early entry in the snipe. It is recommended to snipe with multiple wallets if you want to increase your chance.

  • Next thing you will enter is the Sniper Dashboard. From here, you can edit all the values, change wallets, set Auto Sell options, Enable/Disable or Delete the Bot.

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