➕Create Copy Trading Bot

With Magnum, you can create a Copy Trading Bot within seconds and start following your favorite trader and their earn based on their trades.

  • Tap Copy Trade in the Main menu and it will ask you to enter the blockchain network that you want to copy the trades on. Select from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. More networks are on the way.

  • Then enter the source address. This is the address it copies the trades from. This must be a Wallet Address and not a Contract Address.

  • Move on to select one of your wallets to use for Copy Trading. You can run one Copy Trading Bot with only one wallet. So make sure it has sufficient balance.

  • Then select the Max amount in ETH you want to spend. It will cap all the copy trades at this amount you select or enter.

  • Once created, you will see the Copy Trading Dashboard where you can control the Bot and edit the settings.

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