The things you can do on Magnum

Sniper Bot

Be the first to execute a trade as soon as a new token lands on the DEX platforms. Never miss out on hyped projects again on your favorite chains!

Copy-trading Bot

Follow the steps of the master traders out there! Magnum will copy trades from their wallets and even get you a chance to do it ahead of them! You can choose to sell with them or according to your profit expectations.

Frontrun while Copy-trading

With Magnum, you can optionally frontrun the transactions of the wallet you're following, giving you a better edge to get in early and make more profit.

Manual Buy/Sell

Buy/Sell your tokens On-chain with Private transactions (MEV Protection), Anti-Rugpull support and blazing fast execution.

Set your orders at your target price

With Limit orders support on Magnum, place an order and Magnum will Buy / Sell the token for you at your desired price - giving you the full CEX experience for DEX platforms.

Presale Sniping Bot

Get an entry to that hyped presale you were waiting for, now with Magnum. Create the presale bot so when it starts, Magnum will get you the entry automatically while you relax.

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