How Magnum implements Quick and Secure User On-boarding

Login with Telegram

As all the users in Crypto space usually have a Telegram account, we have implemented Logging in with Telegram to make the process not just faster, but better manage user's settings and data across the multiple interfaces Magnum provides.

Login with Telegram syncs your Wallets, Bots and Transactions from the Magnum Telegram Bot. So if you have used the Telegram Bot and are switching to the Web or Mobile App, use Telegram Login to sync your data.

Login with Google

We have integrated Login with Google to provide a fast and easy on-boarding for our Android and Web App users. It's even quicker than Telegram and gives you swift access across all your devices logged in with Google.

If you have used the Magnum Telegram Bot before, your data will not be synced with the Google account. In such case, login with Telegram.

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