📈Manual Buy/Sell

Magnum provides you a clean Telegram interface to Buy / Sell tokens On-chain with advanced options like Limit Orders, Auto-Sell with Profit and Stop loss, Anti-Rugpull Sell etc.

  • To place a Manual Buy/Sell order, tap the Manual Buy/Sell button from the main menu. It will ask you for the Token Address that you want to Buy/Sell, Buy/Sell amount and then it will take you to the Order Dashboard.

  • Here you can change and configure all the settings and once done, 'Buy/Sell Now' or 'Place Order' button will show up depending on your Limit Order or Market Rate settings. You can then place the Order.

Limit Orders

With Limit Orders, you can set a targeted price change to trigger your Buy/Sell Order. It helps you decide a better strategy to gain profits out of your trade.


With Auto-Sell, you can set upward and downward trigger price to Auto-trigger a Sell order for your Buy order.

Profit %

This will be your upward price trigger for Auto-Sell.

Stop Loss %

This will be your downward price trigger for Auto-Sell.


You can select multiple wallets to snipe from in a single Buy/Sell Order. The same Buy/Sell Amount will be used for all the wallets. So you have to maintain the balance in all the selected wallets.


The variation loss in % you are willing to bear while buying the tokens. If the price goes less than the allowed slippage %, your Snipe will be reverted.

Anti Rug

When enabled, we will monitor the liquidity and if a Rug-pull is attempted, we will send the bundle with your sell transaction ahead of the Rug-pull transaction.


This will Pre-approve your address at the token contract so you can sell faster without doing an approval transaction first.


  • Buy Tip: The extra fees in ETH for Buy transaction.

  • Sell Tip: The extra fees in ETH for Sell transaction.

  • Anti Rug Tip: The extra fees in ETH for Auto Sell transaction on Rug-pull detection.

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