📈Manual Buy/Sell

With Manual Buy/Sell, you can buy or sell your tokens or ETH / BNB from Magnum just like you do on an exchange. Magnum provides a rich and technical UI for trading.

  • Tap the Trade button in the middle of the bottom tabs to enter the Manual Buy/Sell page.

  • Here, you can place a new order or check your pending and completed orders.

  • To place a new order, enter the token address manually or search through our database of millions of tokens with token name, symbol or partial address. Please check the selected token carefully when searching from the search bar, as there may be multiple tokens of similar names and you might end up selecting the wrong one.

  • Once you select or enter the token, Magnum automatically fetches the network and platform details for you along with the Marketcap, taxes and Honeypot details. You can also select manually if the details could not be fetched correctly.

  • Enter the Amount In to get the amount out based on the current conversion rate on the swap platform. Then you can place the order.

  • You can see the trading history under Completed Orders tab.

Limit Orders

Magnum provides you the Limit Orders with which you can buy/sell at your target or desired prices. This gives you a better way to trade on-chain.

To place a Limit Order, Tap the Blue Market Rate button. You can tap it again to return to Market Order mode. Once you are in Limit Mode, you can enter the Amount Out yourself to get desired tokens and conversion rate. Once you have entered the desired Amount Out, place the order.

Placed pending Limit Orders can be seen and cancelled inside the Pending Orders tab.


The blockchain network you want to trade in. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are supported at the moment, more coming on the way.


The Swap Platform you want to trade into. Your selected platform must have the liquidity for your selected token pair. Uniswap and Pancakeswap are supported at the moment, with more on the way.

Amount In

The amount of tokens/ETH you have and that you want to trade from. So in case of a BUY, it will be ETH/BNB and in case of SELL, it will be in token.

Amount Out

The amount of tokens/ETH you want/will get in return. So in case of a BUY, it will be in token and in case of SELL, it will be in ETH/BNB.

All the transactions on Magnum are Private Transactions. So you are protected from the MEV Bots at all times.

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